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There are several recommended treatments used for hair restoration. These treatments include nonsurgical and medical techniques that help patients achieve their own personal goals for hair restoration.
The most recommended treatments for hair restoration include the following:
Hair Transplantation The most common techniques used are follicular unit extraction,
direct follicular implantation (DFI),
advanced direct follicular implantation (ADFI),
Bio FUE.
Laser Hair Therapy Laser hair therapy is a treatment in which infrared light therapy is applied to a patient’s scalp to
stimulate hair growth.
Prescription Drug Therapy Prescription drug therapy is often used as a way to reverse hair loss. Rogaine is a topical
solution applied directly to the scalp while Propecia is the only FDA­approved oral drug taken to do the same.
Our doctors will meet with you to evaluate your hair loss and discuss your goal with hair restoration so that he can
provide you with a recommended course of action.
With today’s technological advancements, hair restoration is more natural looking than it ever has been. Techniques
used make hair restoration virtually undetectable with the naked eye.
While there may be some discomfort following some of the techniques, there is minimal discomfort during the
procedures. For surgical and non­surgical procedures, a local anaesthetic is applied.
The cost of hair restoration varies for each person. Our trichologist will analyse your scalp and hair to determine your
current condition and, as required, suggest the appropriate hair loss solution or hair loss procedure for your unique
conditions of hair loss. The cost depends on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your individual appearance