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Hair Transplant Treatments

Rootland has been present in Hyderabad since 2018, offering  treatment for hair transplantation.


Pre-operative planning

Eyebrow Transplant
The goal of the eyebrow transplant is to restore the desired shape ,density, direction and angle of
growth of eyebrow hair.
Generally women’s are with thin eyebrows either from overplucking, aging, or genetic causes. In cases
of complete eyebrow absence, need to be ruled out before considering transplantation.The majority of
female patients are able to draw their desired eyebrows according to their wish, which we encourage, but then often
some fine tuning by the surgeon to create a nicer look.

Surgical preparation

Patients are seated in front of a mirror. Generally women’s have a very good idea about the shape of
eyebrows. After Preoperative photography, the patients are offered an eyeline marker and are given the
time to draw in their desired eyebrow shape
In most cases, the grafts are harvested with the FUE technique. The donor hair is almost always from
the back of scalp because of its regrowth, produce good and healthy hair, have to be trimmed regularly
as they will be going grow like scalp hair. The less number of grafts needed, shaving of the entire
donor area can be avoided. Naturally occurring 1 and 2 hair follicular units are used to achieve maximal
density without compromising naturality.
The eyebrows are anesthetized with local anaesthesia. Recipient sites are created by the surgeon using
the smallest blade size appropriate for the grafts. Paying attention to the proper direction of growth is
critical. Care is taken to orient the hairs so that the direction of growth of the hair is in an acute angle
with the skin. We like to place as many 2 hair grafts as possible, lateral­most tail portion where 1 hair
grafts are used.
Antibiotics and pain killers are given for the first five days. Patients are allowed to use makeup in
the eyebrow area after all the crusts fell out
The Eyebrows growth will usually start around 4 to 6 months after transplantation and will continue to
fill in for a full year with increasing density. The hair must be trimmed to the desired length of the patient.