Improper Hairline

Unnatural Hairline Design: if the hairline is designed in an accurately straight line with no irregularities, it makes the hairline look unnatural after the transplant.

High Placement of Hairline: If the hairline is placed too high, it makes the forehead look extremely large. It can also continue balding. The transplantation does not show any results.

Low Lying Placement of the Hairline If the patient underwent surgery in his/her early 30’s, the hairline appears unnatural and low after few years making it look odd. Low placement of the hairline can be corrected by removing the follicular units and re designing the hairline.

Compromised Density: After the transplantation, the hair may look very scanty (less). The scalp is still visible in some cases. Planting the grafts in between can help correcting this scanty look on the scalp. This procedure requires to be done with a lot of care and skill as there is a risk of the existing grafts getting damaged.

Wide Scar After FUT: Strip technique of hair transplantation, gives a linear scar at the back of the scalp. If the incision is stitched or closed under tension, it can become a wide scar. Hair can be transplanted in this scar to make it less visible.


  • Single Use of Instruments being Used.
  • No Scalpel, No Pain, No Stitches, No Linear Scarring
  • Specialised In DFI And BIO-FUE
  • Performed Numerous Successful Hair Transplantion Surgeries
  • Certified And Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons
  • Post Operative Care

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Stretched Scar

One of the most important thing that can make the scar stretch, is loose stitches after the surgery, this can be done by someone with less experience. Improper surgical tools also could be reasons for the scar to stretch. Any tension on the edges of the skin flap from where the strip is taken, can also lead to the stretching of the scar. Also, the doctors must give proper precautionary measures to the patients after the surgery and make sure they are followed.

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