Chief complaint – A 37 yrs old Male Client name
Mallesh came with complaint of hair loss on front &
corner parts of the head from the past 3 years.
History of present illness – patient gives history of
hair fall while Combing and Head-Bath
On clinical examination – Bitemporal thinning of hair
at frontal and parietal region.
Family history– Patient gives family history of
General examination- on general examination no
abnormalities are detected.
Habits- no history of habits.

On Investigation :-

No abnormalities are detected on blood

Hair Pull-test is positive,

On pluck test numerous telogen hairs are present

On Trichoscopic examination numerous baby hair
is present.

On wash test- In this test hair were washed and
counted. patient with 15% telogen vellus hair are
collected during shampooing were classified as
androgenetic alopecia.

Treatment plan:

So, after detail discussion with client our doctors suggested hair transplant for Grade 2 Baldness with 2400 grafts and 2 PRP Sessions to prevent hair loss. After the procedure postoperative guidance was given without any risks and post-operative complications. Our doctors took post-operative care to achieve a good natural looking hairline which is his suitable for his age. Picture showing 12 days result..

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