Hair Restoration

Beard Transplant

Advances in hair restoration techniques have made it possible to transplant hair in non-scalp areas of the face where patients may have never had hair. Refinements in techniques have allowed for the restoration of patchy beard hair with very natural appearing results.

Due to these fashion and culture trends, along with advancements in techniques that Root Land have developed a practice has seen a large increase in the demand for patchy beard restoration.

Treatment goals in beard restoration are often set by the patient. most patients have a specific idea of the design they wish for their facial hair. Transplantation of full beards requires large amount of grafts.

As in any cosmetic procedure, listening to the patient’s exact goals and desires is imperative. Patients who desire facial hair restorations, in general, express a very specific desire for how they want their beard designed. Depending on the exact design and density, graft counts can range from 250 to 300 grafts to each sideburns, and 300 to 500 grafts per cheek. These numbers can vary based on the pre-existing hair, design, and thickness of the donor hair.

Most patients seeking facial hair restoration are men with a genetic paucity of facial hair. As with other hair transplantation cases, patients need to be in good general health and off medications, supplements and vitamins which can worsen bleeding.

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