The DFI Technique has the most natural results, with one of the highest viability and success rate in Hair Transplantation methods. While undergoing this procedure one does not need to shave off hair for the procedure. The replacement procedure begins by the administration of adequate dosage of local anesthesia by the doctor; the follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, back of the head as it has good donor hair follicles.

Once extracted, in our in-house method directly implant the follicle on to the recipient site which are preserved in an American method fertilizer solution this avoids the chances of follicle drying, as they are outside scalp and getting proper nourishment.

The chances of follicle wastage are reduced drastically to just 10%. By using a patented tool, the DHI Implanter with the one movement implantation method, Full control of the depth with the correct angulations, direction and depth to each individual graft so the result is 100% natural.

Once the implantation is done, the head will look full of small little sprouts of hair. The initial hair will fall off due to shock but will re grow and the implanted crop will be full bloom in fourth month onward. After surgery complications will be null and void here as this is a non surgical, painless method.

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