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bEST HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC IN HYDERABAD Best Choice For All Kinds Of Hair Transplant Services We have skilled Surgeons who are experts at giving natural looking hairline. we have the history of performing hair transplant surgeries with 100% natural, safe hair transplant results. Low cost hair transplant in hyderabad Performed Numerous Successful Hair Transplantion Surgeries We are equipped with the most advanced technology available for hair transplants in Hyderabad.

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Rootland is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad that offers a complete range of hair treatments that include, FUE, DFI, BIO­FUE Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant and Mustache Transplant. Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology available for all kinds of hair transplantation treatments.


 Rootland’s mission is to help hair loss sufferers look and feel their best by offering permanent and natural ­looking hair for those persons. We will achieve this by offering the most effective medical and hair restoration techniques.


⦁ Assurance Of 100% Result
⦁ Book Online Appointment
⦁ Credit/ Debit Cards Are Acceptable
⦁ Easy EMI Options Available


⦁ Usage of new instruments for each surgery.
⦁ No Blades, No Pain, No Sutures, No Linear Scarring
⦁ Specialised In DFI And BIO­FUE
⦁ Performed Numerous Successful Hair Transplantion

⦁ Certified And Experienced Hair Transplantation Surgeons
⦁ Post Operative Care

best hair transplant in hyderabad
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Hair Transplant Methods


Follicular unit transplantation is a dated back technique also known as strip harvesting method.


Follicular unit extraction, commonly used method in hair


In DFI the grafts are implanted immediately after the extraction so the survival of the grafts increases


It is one of the advanced method in hair transplant which improves the survival rate of the transplanted hair as well as existing hair.

Beard Transplant

It is the method done in the most sensitive and attractive part of the face which produce facial aesthetics.

Eyebrow Transplant

It is the transplantation of the hair above the eye which can restore your looks.

Hair Restoration Methods


it is a combination of medication as well as other procedures.

Derma Roller

It is a minimally invasive method increases the blood supply to the follicles ,which stimulates the hair growth.

3L Treatment

It is a safe and effective
treatment which increases the anagen phase of hair cycle leads to rapid growth of a hair

Medication Treatment

it is a combination of medication as well as other procedures.

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